I see MAGIC in you. Let's light it up!

Superpower Sessions

You have natural superpowers. I can help you turn them on.

Schedule a one-on-one Superpower Coaching Session to activate your innate healing abilities + receive support and inspiration for whatever you are facing.

Energy Healing

My Energy Healing sessions draw upon Reiki, meditation, visualization and the magic of intuition.

The benefits that energy healing offers are the same benefits as removing the effects of stress from your body and life. AWESOME, right?

Empowered Healing Coaching

Gain Tools + Support For Your Healing Journey


Online Course

Want to learn to meditate but feel intimidated? I got you.

My online meditation course contains video, audio, instruction and inspiration delivered right to your inbox. No more excuses.

Things I love

Check out the people, places, words and things that support me in living a purpose-driven life.

Hi! I'm Melissa.

I am a metaphor-mixing, perspective-shifting, recovering-type-A-perfectionist-turned-yogi — ON A MISSION.

What I Do

I am part nurse, part yoga teacher and full firecracker. I combine my backgrounds in science and spirit to empower people to live healthy and joyful lives they love.

From the FORDEitude Blog

For the Lovers, the Haters and the Heavy-hearted

February is a month rich with energy of the heart. In addition to containing a holiday dedicated to celebrating love, February is also American Heart Month. The American Heart Association uses this month to raise awareness about heart disease and how people can...

F R I D A Y ➢ N I G H T ➢ H A P S

On Friday night, a 100 year old woman died while my hand was on her chest. I was giving her Reiki while I assessed her breathing and comfort. There were clear physical signs that she was very close to death, so, after I had enough information to be assured of her...

Why Drink Golden Milk

I have gotten a lot of questions about my Golden Milk routine, so here’s the deal: . . I started incorporating ashwaganda (an adaptogenic herb) into my diet a few months ago. Despite all of the coping mechanisms and practices I have, I had a really, really,...

Come Practice With Me

Visit me at my public yoga classes in SF

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Work With Me 1:1

Are you on a healing journey?

What People Are Saying

“Melissa is serious and fun at the same time.  I’ve had other yoga teachers remind the class to lighten up and smile, but no one needs to be reminded with Melissa!” Phoebe G.

“Melissa’s way of teaching forces me to forget about all the stress in my life. She calms me down and strengthens and stretches me all at the same time. She is my weekly therapy.” Dani C.

“After having practiced yoga for years, it is thanks to Melissa that I have finally learned how to be in the moment.” Emy V.

“Melissa’s gentle nature and her sincere love and enthusiasm for meditation and yoga make her a wonderful and amazing teacher.  Attending her classes leave me feeling grounded and grateful.” Susanne D.