Hi! I’m Melissa.

My life’s work is dedicated to encouraging people to think differently about what we are literally made of because I believe a population in touch with body intelligence is the key to healing the world.

I’ve been enchanted by the human body since I took a physiology class when I was 16 years old, which means I’ve been studying the craft of my current work (from multiple perspectives) for over 20 years and more than half my life.

I could tell you about my 15 years of experience as a Registered Nurse caring for people with spinal cord injuries and terminal illness, list out the many trainings I’ve completed in movement + breathwork, energy medicine and Somatic Experiencing or explain how I’ve used these modalities to heal from incapacitating migraines, multiple autoimmune conditions and a maladaptive neuromuscular pattern… yet what I’d really love to share with you are the things that make me ME.


Science feels like magic to me.

I once watched a video about the nervous system that made me wake up crying in awe for three days in a row. I don’t quite understand how anyone could take a close look at the symphony of science contained in even just one square centimeter of the human body and not be convinced we live in a miraculous world. There is no separation or conflict between science and spirit for me, especially when it comes to our bodies and what they’re designed to do.

I imagine a world where healing is the force that shapes us.

I don’t think healing should be relegated to an endeavor we only seek out when we’re sick, injured or struggling. I believe healing is about becoming more whole, more human and more humane. When we center healing as a priority in our lives we remember the truth of our inner nature, tap into our power to transmute trauma and increase our capacity for resilience — all while reminding others of their ability to do the same.

I consider body literacy a form of activism.

There is no oppressive system on Earth that doesn’t require a baseline level of disconnection from body to be upheld. If we lived in touch with what we’re made of (individual cells programmed to support the wellbeing of the whole) we wouldn’t build structures in the world that benefitted some and harmed others. We wouldn’t poison our food supply, endanger our habitat or have healthcare systems financially incentivized to keep people sick. If we lived in touch with body intelligence we would know, down to our bones, how to take care of each other and exist in harmony with our environment — and a critical mass of people living this way would change the whole world.

I’m a dog loving fashionista who eats french fries more frequently than most people.

Outside of work I can be found teaching my rescue dog, Pepper, new tricks, scouting out sustainable + independently designed fashion, convincing someone to get french fries with me, practicing my Spanish and dreaming of my next trip to Mexico City.

I’m extremely particular about both style and comfort and therefore unapologetically incapable of packing light when I travel. I have a bad habit of reading multiple books at once and often feel compelled to submerge myself in water.

I’m silly + playful and also fiercely dedicated to playing my unique role in building an equitable world where everyone belongs.

I hope this gives you a sense of who I am and why I do what I do. One of my favorite things is connecting with people and collecting + telling stories. If something I’ve shared here resonates with you, I’d love to hear about it.

You can introduce yourself, share your experience and get in touch with me by filling out the contact form below.

Cheering you on,


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