I see MAGIC in you.

 Hi! I’m Melissa

I’m a Registered Nurse, Yoga + Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher who specializes in self-care education. 

I help leaders take care of themselves so they can take care of the world.

I do this work because I know that once enough of us light up from the inside out — WE’LL SET THE WORLD ON FIRE.

Special support during the COVID-19 crisis:

Your contribution provides stress relief and coping skill education to clinicians on the frontlines of the COVID19 crisis.

Consider WE RISE your self-care support hub — a place where you can find everything you need to elevate and maintain your inner resourcefulness, no matter what is going on outside of you.

Corporate Offerings

Do you want your employees to be healthy, empowered individuals ready to take on the world’s challenges in and out of the workplace? 

Digital Workshops

Are you keen to up your self-care game and tap into the resources you need to thrive in a flexible and accessible format? 

1:1 Support

Are you tired of feeling like you are just surviving? Ready to restore your energy, reconnect with your body and reclaim your life?

From the Fordeitude Blog

What People Are Saying

“Melissa is a secret treasure. The shift after my Energy Restoration session with her was ENORMOUS. Prior to my session I was sluggish and couldn’t think straight or complete my work — I was in complete shut down mode. I woke up the morning after my session feeling 100%. I was jamming! It was like all of my neurons were firing again.” Heather L.

“I had been trying out various meditation practices for several years, but nothing stuck for me until I took Melissa’s course. Thrive Zone helped me understand the neurology related to mindfulness and self-care which really motivated me to develop a daily ritual/practice by the end of the course. Melissa’s voice is very calming and centering and her style is extremely accepting and validating of each individual in the course.”

Lindy A.

“Melissa is serious and fun at the same time.  I’ve had other yoga teachers remind the class to lighten up and smile, but no one needs to be reminded with Melissa!” Phoebe G.

“Melissa’s way of teaching forces me to forget about all the stress in my life. She calms me down and strengthens and stretches me all at the same time. She is my weekly therapy.” Dani C.

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