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About - Forde on Fire

Hi! I’m Melissa.

I am a metaphor-mixing, perspective-shifting, recovering-type-A-perfectionist-turned-yogi.

I could tell you about my 10+ years of experience as a Registered Nurse caring for spinal cord injury and hospice patients (which is far more uplifting than it sounds!) or list out all of the many trainings I have completed in yoga, energy healing, and spiritual leadership — but what I really want to share with you are the things that make me ME.


I am awake.

 In my late twenties I woke up to my life and to the humbling realization that I am responsible for how I experience the world. I have been addicted to learning, transformational growth, inspired leadership and doing everything I can to be the best me ever since.

I wag like I have a tail.

As a nurse, yoga teacher and someone who is simply enamored by the insane beauty of the nervous system, I know that it matters how we move. The way we move in our bodies reflects how we move through our lives. My favorite yoga teacher is my soul dog, Peso, who enthusiastically loved people and let them know it — you could tell by the tail. So when I am happy, I wag too, and I don’t mind if people find it strange.

I can re-frame anything.

One of my superpowers is seeing the joy in any situation. I search for the healing potential in whatever is in front of me, and I always eventually find it. I can re-frame ANYTHING in joy.

Try me.

I know how magic works.

I do something every single day that gives me magic superpowers and has turned me into a legit conjuring sorceress. It helps me do everything from finding parking spaces to staying calm and centered in the middle of a work emergency. It’s meditation. If you don’t know how to meditate or you think it’s boring — I can change your mind about that!

I am enchanted by intersections.

Light and Dark

Effort and Ease

Life and Death

Science and Spirit

Grief and Joy

I think the magic is in the mixing. You can see it in the sky.

I am a sacred rebel.

I consider myself a modern mystic, which means I am committed to developing a relationship with my Spirit for the purpose of service and moving humanity forward. No dogma. No doctrine. Just changing the world through down-to-Earth spirituality and science-based magic.

I believe that everything happens FOR me.

I believe there is a force much more intelligent than me orchestrating the symphony of the Universe and the events of my life. Even if I didn’t believe this, applying this filter to my personal challenges has dramatically improved my experience of my life. When faced with hard and even horrible things, I constantly ask myself “Why is this happening FOR me?” and I always receive a life-changing, healing answer.

I am intense.

It’s in the stars. 

I am a fierce little firecracker who is brave with my life.

Several years ago, I set my life on fire and chose to surround myself with people who fan my flames — and everything has been pretty fun ever since 😉  

I dance through the fire.

Being on a spiritual path or any serious path of personal growth is rough! When we choose to be aware, we lose the anesthesia that unconsciousness was providing, and there can be some painful discoveries along the way. But I believe the fires of our lives that purify the soul are sometimes the best parts. So I turn up my favorite girl-power ballads and dance through the flames.

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