Personality for Your Sacred Space

Most cultures recognize the healing power of ceremony. Ritual is soothing for the soul. The good news is you don’t have to belong to a particular religion or tradition to tap into this magic!

Altar Ego is a line of products designed to help you access the healing power of ceremony and ritual in a modern and accessible way. Centering ourselves in love and connecting with spiritual power doesn’t have to be stuffy, boring or prescribed — in fact, it can be sassy, modern and unique if that’s what you like!

Whether you feel constricted by the traditions of your childhood, disconnected or downright intimidated by the idea of creating a spiritual practice — I hope these products inspire you to create your own sacred space in whatever way works for you.

These products are sustainably made with loving intention. Each item contains education and inspiration straight from my healing heart.






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Altar Candles

Lighting a candle creates a container for spending time in a sacred space and keeping an altar is a great way to incorporate ritual into your life.

An altar can be something as simple as a special corner of a dresser, shelf or bedside table. It’s not about looking any particular way, but rather creating an intentional space of reverence in your home (or on the go!). The items you place on an altar are infused with energy and meaning. Connecting with these items is a way to help your inner sacredness find a home in the physical world. Cool, right?

Each Altar Ego candle has a theme and contains guidance for using it in ritual. You can light the candle to infuse a room with its energy, recite the related affirmations, follow the instructions for a personal ceremony or (of course) create a practice all your own.

Memorial Altar Candles

Loss is a doozy. Even though it is a universal and unavoidable part of the human journey, most of us feel completely isolated when it happens to us and not confident in supporting someone we love when it happens to them. Creating an altar space for a lost loved one or pet can be extremely comforting and healing. Lighting a memorial altar candle is a nice marker for spending time in this space.

Meditation Stones

Physical objects can be imbued with meaning and, when used intentionally, help us connect with specific energies and qualities of being.

You can hold these handmade ceramic stones while you meditate to infuse the energy of the imprinted word into your practice. You can also keep them on an altar, place them on your desk, sleep with one under your pillow, stick em in your pocket — or — whatever else helps you consciously connect to the energy you’d like to activate in your body and life.

These sweet little babies are made with lots of love and serve as reminders that we always get to choose our filter for experiencing the world.


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