In my job I get plopped into random homes in San Francisco where I am a witness to some of the most profoundly touching moments of people’s lives.

Today I cared for an actively dying 60 year old man who received his cancer diagnosis just one month ago and now has only hours left to live.

His wife shared with me the last thing he wrote, in a semi-conscious state, 3 days ago:


The beautiness lies in the randomness

No many how many times

I can’t seem to make it right

(His wife) does

Thank you for everything you’ve given me in my life



He is a writer by profession and insisted on using the word “beautiness” which makes me melt — because I love to make up words too.

Today I am soaking up the beautiness of the randomness and the wisdom I receive from those who are preparing to walk between worlds.

I can’t help but believe that what he meant was — *there is nothing random about anything at all*

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