I have been living on the surface

of an ocean of sadness

Recently, I grew tired of swimming
Tired of thrashing around
Tired of grasping
for something to hold on to
Tired of searching for solid ground

Even floating
had become exhausting

So I decided
at last
to sink instead

I let grief swallow me whole
I willingly drowned
I let sadness fill my every cell

I sank
all the way
to the ocean floor

At the bottom
of all that pain
was a place
where the whole world made sense

I understood easily
it is not possible to lose
anything at all

I saw clearly
the pain of feeling excruciatingly separate
is the very thing that connects me
deeply and intimately
to every single person here

I laid down there
breathing water
to the overwhelming peace

I climbed out the other side

Covered in salt
and full of power





Photo magic by Hannah Marie

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