Women everywhere are waking up.

We’ve got THOUSANDS OF YEARS of oppressive patriarchal crust to shake off our souls.

We are climbing out of our assigned boxes. Tearing off the reins. Breaking through our chains.

We have been folded, tied up and bound.

Have you ever spent thousands of years folded into a box and then tried to climb out?

The process isn’t pretty.

We are sore, disoriented and raw.

So — now is *not the time* to cut a woman down, shame her for her opinions, use her body like an object or be any other kind of violent in any way at all. Our misogyny radars are set to supersonic — and we’ve got our game faces on.

It’s not the time to suggest we stay in the box. Don’t even look at us and then glance in the direction of the box. Don’t tell us it would maybe be cute if we just pretend to be trapped in the box for fun. Don’t try to disguise the box. Don’t leave chocolate in the box. Don’t joke about the box. It’s too soon.

It’s not the time to be pro-woman-containing-box in any way. Not. The. Time.

If you haven’t noticed, the patriarchy is gnawing its own limbs off on global television. That shit is going DOWN.

It’s time to switch sides.

If I were a man in today’s political, social and energetic climate, I would be especially mindful (read: extremely frickin careful) of how I am treating and communicating with women at this particular point in time.

Men who embody sacred masculinity will meet us where we are and hold us in this messy metamorphosis. Men like these will provide a safe harbor where we stretch and strengthen our wings. Where we clear the dust out of our throats. Men like these will be the first to see us fly, the first to hear us sing.

I don’t know what will happen to the rest but I imagine it will be something like turn to dinosaur dust.

Whatever the grand finale of the farewell tour of chauvinism may be, we’ll have popcorn and snacks on our side. Come join us 😉


Photo by Hannah Marie

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