Lately, when I am facing painful challenge, I always end up dropping to my knees in gratitude for the practices that have kept me whole.

I am grateful for meditation for changing the way my brain works and for being the practice that initiated exponential healing in my mind, body and life several years ago.

When hard, painful and even unimaginably traumatic things happen in my life (as is the case this last week due to the sudden and violent death of a close family member) I am so grateful to myself for all the effort I have put into my healing practices, and for the resilience I have worked very hard to build.

Meditating in the midst of trauma helps me quite a bit, but it is really the hundreds of hours that have come before that are saving my heart right now and making it possible for me to have faith in hope and healing in the face of devastating loss.

I think most people have heard of the amazing effects of meditation but are either confused about what meditation is, intimidated to try or have a frustrating experience when they do.

This is why I am so passionate about de-mystifying meditation and making it accessible for all and easy to start. Sitting cross-legged on the floor and burning incense is totally not required!

In my online course, Meditation for Rookies and Busy People, I share the science basics, my favorite tips, gems to stay motivated and guided meditations to get you started + links to my favorite resources.

I appreciate your help in celebrating and supporting my work by checking this course out, sharing it with friends and/or considering making a donation to my scholarship fund.

My hope is we all have access to the resources and information we need to be empowered to heal and experience joy in our lives no matter what.


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