This week my family suffered a horrible loss. After struggling with severe mental illness for several months, my Uncle’s life came to a tragic end on Monday.

In addition to grief, we are all rocked with shock and trauma due to the dramatic and violent circumstances of his death.

In heavy times I always make a point to connect with my own heaviness. I grasp onto gravity. I continually reorient myself to the invisible force that pulls me towards the heart of the world — the energy that insinuates I belong, the power that holds me here with every single step.

I also search for JOY (because that is what I have wired myself to do) and joy is here with us too. There is laughing, gratitude, connection, blessings and an incredible amount of food.

We are all HELD.



(Photo is by Hannah Marie as part of the Rising Experience, a healing storytelling experience for women who have faced the dark and found the light)

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