Dear friends,


I was recently abruptly displaced from my home right after suffering the loss of my dearest soul-sister-friend. Being without a home in SF while grieving an overwhelming loss has placed me on a transformative journey that is inspiring in me a new way to live.


Over the past month I have stayed in 5 homes. I’ve been deeply cared for by family and close friends. I formed a sweet bond with someone I barely knew, fell madly in love with a 7 month old puppy, discovered new neighborhoods, picked up new habits and learned how to get along with cats.


I’ve learned something from each experience of being taken in and have been leading with the intention of being curious about what support I can receive and what I can *contribute*.


In addition to helping with normal household things, I have shared my stories, recipes, practices and gifts – all my MAGIC.


I am left feeling incredibly connected and a part of something much bigger — acutely aware of the benefits and healing power of community.


I don’t think we are meant to only experience this kind of connection in times of distress. I think we are meant to help one another, share resources and learn things from each other — ALL THE TIME.


I believe we are meant to LIVE this way – so that’s what I’m going to do.


I am now, in true SF fashion, incubating a communal living dream. I plan to not have a home of my own for the next 6 months. During this time I will house sit, dog sit, stay with friends, meet new people and learn as much as possible about the way we live and how we can better support one another.


I am quite determined to bring more love into this world – so that’s what I’m going to do.


We are meant to support one another.


So there.




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