One year ago today I lost my precious Peso and on Sunday I lost my dear soul sister Chelsea.

Peso was diagnosed with cancer two days after I returned home to San Francisco from being in San Diego with Chelsea after she received her diagnosis — and now the anniversary of their deaths will be two days apart.

There was a special bond between these two on their journeys — and both have forever changed my life.

I had the high honor of serving them both through cancer and being right by their sides through the sacred experience of death.

Each on their own is a tremendous loss — and when I think of losing the two most special relationships in my life within one year — the grief feels crushing.

Thankfully, the grace and blessings are equally overwhelming.

I am stretched in all directions — deeply in touch with the rich range of truly living.

Peso taught me what love can do, Chelsea taught me the way to really live and both taught me how to HEAL.

I started my day in San Diego taking the same morning walk I used to take with Peso every day when he was saving my life.

My life with him taught me that when things are really hard, all you have to do is put one paw in front of the other and WALK through it.

I will end the day in San Francisco where he taught me how to hold things loosely and where I let his death break me OPEN.

I can’t think of a better way to honor Peso today than by allowing him to walk me through the grief of losing Chelsea.

I am heartbroken, hurting and in love with life.

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