Today I’m happy to introduce my website, Forde on Fire, to the world. This year, I made a clear declaration to myself to really show up for my life. I decided that NOW is the time to share my passions of yoga, meditation and energy healing with a much wider audience.


What is Forde on Fire?

This is my online home, where I share everything I know and love about living a vibrantly healthy, ignited life — full of passion, purpose and joy.

Browse the website to find:

  • Links to my upcoming eCourses, workshops and trainings
  • My current teaching schedule
  • The FORDEitude Blog
  • My favorite healing resources


What’s up First?

My first eCourse, Inner Peace Bootcamp: Learn How the Heck to Meditate, is an interactive five week course including videos and audio with instruction and guided meditations, expert interviews, activity suggestions, an online discussion group, live group calls + so much more!

The first session of this course starts Monday, June 6 and will feature adaptive content and an introductory price!

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Why Fire?

This started when I began making little changes every day in the way that I speak, teach and lead in order to be more vulnerable and courageous with my life. I started sharing more and questioning all the limitations I had been imposing on myself. I began to engage with my life from my essence, with a deep sense of worthiness — and big magic started happening. It felt like I set my life on fire.

When I told one of my favorite teachers this, she shared this Rumi quote:

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”  — Rumi


And everything has been on fire ever since.

I am so proud of the work I am creating because, at last, it is coming from my essence, it is all of me. It’s the sharing of my healing story with my whole open heart. My hope is that you will find something here that sparks a change in you!

I look forward to fanning your flames.


With fiery love,



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