Yesterday I lost the physical form of a beloved soul sister and dear friend.

Many people will say that she lost her battle with cancer.

I see things another way.

Chelsea didn’t lose and it wasn’t a fight. She rose to meet the challenge of cancer with fierce strength and grace. She was curious, open, devoted to healing and not attached to the form it would take — she saw cancer as a teacher and allowed it to transform her.

None of us have control over what hardships come our way, the only thing we can do is choose how we show up, how we rise to meet whatever we are facing.

Chelsea’s spirit is TRIUMPHANT and FREE.

She reached a point of living fully without fear — and she embodied this in a way that is deeply affecting people.

Her mission is complete and her impact is expanding.

Healing doesn’t always mean that we stay here in our bodies.

I experience death as the moment the spirit is returned to oneness, returned to the whole — and I can’t think of a more complete definition of healing than that.

Our beloved Phoenix has risen.

And what an honor it was to witness her RISING.

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