Hello my pretties!
October is one of my favorite months because it’s easier than usual to talk about magic without muggles gettin all upset about it 😉

Today I want to share how you can use one of my favorite superpowers, spellcasting, to dramatically improve your life. 

Before you get scared — don’t worry. You won’t need a cauldron or mysterious herbs for the spells I’m talking about.  The spellcasting I’m referring to has to do with the creative power of words (words are spelled, spells are made of words… get it??). When you understand how language impacts your nervous system (and therefore your entire life) you are empowered to change the state of your body, life and world with just a little intentional editing.
I’m going to break down how this works with science  — so even full-blown muggles can get down with this program.
First, let’s review some basic neuroscience, psychneuroimmunology, epigenetics and quantum physics…
Your body does not know the difference between a real or imagined event — The thoughts you think have a direct impact on your physiology. This means your body responds to whatever you are thinking as if it is actually happening. 
You can change your biology, neuro-circuitry, chemistry, hormones and even gene expression (!!!) by thinking differently — Worry and scarcity based thoughts will put you into survival mode and create disease in your body, while thoughts centered in joy, gratitude and love create the physical conditions necessary for health, wealth and happiness.
Your body is listening to every single thing you say + think and it takes language very literally — Your body doesn’t have a program to de-code sarcasm or self-deprecating humor, it takes every word you think and speak at face value and responds accordingly. 
Side note: the Greek root of the word sarcasm, sarkazeinn, means “to tear one’s body apart by dogs” and passive aggressive sarcasm has been scientifically proven to erode the immune systems of people who are frequently exposed to it. Just sayin.
Ok, moving on…..
If you have been living in a state of chronic stress, your body is addicted to survival hormones, emotions and thoughts — We are programmed to crave what’s familiar, even if it sucks. Creating new and amazing things in your life will require breaking the energetic bonds you have to the way things are and consciously re-wiring a new way of being. 
You create your reality with your attention — Where attention goes, energy flows. If you are focused on lack, pain and disease you will unconsciously manifest more of those things (yikes!). The good news is, when you shift your attention to abundance, health and happiness then you’ll create more of all of that (yay!). This isn’t mystical wishful thinking, it’s quantum physics.
You still with me??
Ok — let’s talk about how to use the power of words to manifest extraordinary healing in your body and life.
Words have creative power and not just in the way they are used in artistic endeavors. Words hold energy and contain meaning. The words we think, speak and write cast spells into our bodies and the world whether we are conscious of it or not.
So let’s get intentional about it!
Spellcasting 101:
Watch how you talk about yourself and your life —  Bring awareness to the words you use (spoken, written and thought) and listen for places where you can make upgrades. Do you find yourself talking about how poor you are, how much time you don’t have and how busy and exhausted you are? Yeah…. cut that out. As a general rule it is best to word things positively and avoid using words that imply lack (want, need, etc). If you want to get super nerdy about it (as in using the word “amazing” instead of “incredible” because incredible literally means “not believable”) I recommend checking out the book Conscious Language.
Program your subconscious mind with positive affirmations — When you repeat empowering and healthy statements over and over you will form new neural pathways and thought habits. Your brain will look for ways to make these new thoughts make sense which will lead you to become aware of new and wonderful sources of support in your life. Positive affirmations also communicate safety to your body which soothes the nervous system and activates your restorative physiology and natural healing + creative abilities. You can google affirmations for specific ailments (ie: “affirmations for insomnia”) or write your own. Some of my favorites are:
  • All is well
  • I am complete as I am
  • As I invest in myself the Universe invests in me
  • My body knows how to heal
  • My energy is restored with magic and ease
Protect yourself from bad vibes — You’re not the only one generating spells around here. If someone around you is not yet hip to intentional language and is spewing scarcity, sarcasm or negativity into your space you can silently say to yourself “cancel, clear” to avoid internalizing the bad juju associated with negative words and ideas.
Speak your wildest dreams into reality — Remember how your body doesn’t know the difference between a real or imagined event? Use your words to describe the health, wealth and happiness you desire AS IF IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW and your body will respond by producing the chemicals, hormones, thought patterns, immune response and overall biology of someone who has those things — which will launch you into the process of BECOMING exactly what you desire.
Cool, right??
In my next post I’ll go over how time travel works.
Not Joking.
How to upgrade language for healing and transformational growth is one of the things I teach my 1-on-1 clients how to do. Check out my Superpower Lessons offering to dive deep into this magic and get the support you need to create enduring changes in your body and life. You have superpowers — I can teach you how they work and show you how to turn them on.

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