“Our hope for and request of everyone here is that you find the support, practices, resources and information you need to grow in *resilience* — so that HEALING will be the thing that spreads and the force that shapes us.”

This was the blessing I had the honor of offering to hundreds of people last weekend.

In the weeks since the tragic death of my Uncle Marty, a retired Police Chief who was shot and killed by a police officer after attempting suicide (…after seeking multiple forms of professional help, after suffering from acute and severe mental illness, after 38 years of working in law enforcement and witnessing horrific events on the regular…) I have been reflecting a lot on healing.

It currently feels like a trauma bomb went off in my family. Healing seems far away.

As an empathetic and freakishly observant person, I am acutely aware of the wounding, pain and heartache that is spreading through my family and our extended communities. The multiple layers of trauma and system failures involved in this tragedy are utterly heartbreaking.

Did you know that more police officers die from suicide than in the line of duty? As someone whose job also puts me in contact with wildly unnatural amounts of human suffering, I feel particularly outraged by this dreadful dynamic — a concept that no longer lives in statistics for me, but in the very real, painful loss of my Uncle (as well as a coworker who died from suicide just a few months ago).

It is in times like these that I am grateful for my stubborn, growth-obsessed, must-make-meaning personality. I know I have a choice right now and that devastation is a perfectly reasonable pick. I also know that healing is an option and that if I choose healing, it won’t be easy or comfortable, but healing is what will happen — so that will be my choice. Every time.

My innate and intentionally programmed wiring always launches me onto a dramatic, reflective, transformative, turn-my-pain-into-service journey. Without fail. As a result, my faith in healing has multiple memories to anchor to. Luckily, trauma is not the only thing that lives beyond concept in me. The grace of healing is no rumor in my life, it lives in my bones.


In the face of a lot of loss, heartbreak, pain and illness — I was blessed to have the support, practices, resources and information I needed to become very resilient. My chosen mission in life is to share what I’ve learned along the way because I believe empowering individuals to heal is what will heal our world — and changing the things that are breaking my heart is the only way I know of to feel better.

May we all find our way with this — so that HEALING will be the thing that spreads and the force that shapes us.

Just holding this intention initiates healing.

It turns out healing is so much closer than it seems. It’s right here. Right now. Right in the middle of this pain. I am sure of it.

If there is something you’d like to learn about healing, let me know, cause I’m about to be on a good one making meaning, sharing reflections and creating offerings from this.


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