An interview with Dr. Aidan Kinsella, D.C.


Did you know that when our body is in a state of stress response we have 70% less blood flow to our higher cortical brain!?

The sympathetic nervous system fight-or-flight response is meant to save our lives by supporting us to fight or run in times of real danger. It is meant to be temporary and last for short moments. But the complexities of modern life have most people spending the majority of their waking time in this state!

In a world of emails, phone calls and complicated lifestyles, how can we find a way to calm down?

Dr. Aidan joins me in this interview to share her magical and inspiring knowledge of the nervous system and explains how we can leverage the resources that live inside of us to calm down and access our highest potential. Dr. Aidan practices Network Chiropractic at Verve Wellness Studio and she is one of my favorite teachers.  I hope you enjoy listening to our talk!

Understanding the science of the nervous system is one of the things that motivates me to stay dedicated to my daily meditation and yoga practices — and I hope it motivates you too!

My new eCourse, Inner Peace Bootcamp, features an expanded interview with Dr. Aidan with even more fascinating information about the nervous system!

If you are ready to develop practices that help you spend more time in your healing and adaptive state, join me for Inner Peace Bootcamp. This course is 5 weeks of learning to meditate, from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule + feeling inspired and supported through the process. If you don’t know how to meditate, or you are not meditating regularly, developing a daily meditation practice will change your life.

With every intentional deep breath you take today, remember that you are calming your nervous system and returning yourself to a restorative state.

Cheers to the power of breath!


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