Nervous System Support for Companies + Teams 


Imagine an engaged team that comes to work inspired, feels supported in their roles and fired up to take on the world’s challenges in and out of the workplace.

This is what’s possible when people feel safe.

In the context of the sustained uncertainty we’ve all faced for the last few years, making sure team members feel safe and supported is more challenging than ever — that’s where I come in.

Drawing upon my experience as a Registered Nurse, movement + breathwork guide and somatic educator, I teach body-based strategies that regulate the nervous system and help the body feel safe.

Our bodies waste energy on bracing and defensive mechanisms when we perceive stress and threat. When we feel safe, on a visceral level, our bodies automatically spend energy on healing and creative functions instead.

Awesome, right?

Custom Nervous System Support Programs

If you want to equip your team with the skills they need to sustain meaningful and lasting change, I recommend a custom program with consistent offerings over a period of weeks or months.

My custom programs include engaging workshop sessions, guided practices for developing personal awareness, practical tools for connecting more effectively with others, downloadable resources and a facilitated slack channel between sessions. I utilize a human-centered design approach to assess staff needs, create curriculum and develop a staff engagement strategy to ensure you get the best possible outcomes from your investment.

When your team members become skilled at regulating stress they will get sick less often, have improved focus and creativity, be more likely to have a positive outlook and be able to collaborate with a wider range of people.

They will have a better experience of their lives — and delivering their best work will be the natural result.

 Workshops For Companies + Teams

60-90 minute workshops are a great way to break up a workday, nurture your team with a chance to re-set and spark new perspectives. Choose from this list of workshop options or contact me to discuss designing a custom workshop for your group.


Self-Care You Can Do In The Middle Of Chaos

Stress regulation techniques for any moment.

Learn simple tools for communicating safety to the nervous system and releasing tension, anxiety and overwhelm.

Learn More

The Neuroscience of Habits

Insight for activating inner resources.

Learn how understanding the nervous system can help you build powerful habits and increase your capacity for success.


Learn More

Community Care

Tap into the power of co-regulation.

Learn nervous system stabilization techniques and how to use them to support colleagues, family and friends. Explore what it means for your team to adopt a culture of co-care. 

Learn More

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