COVID19 Support

I am a Registered Nurse + Holistic Healing Practitioner who specializes in science-based self-care strategies. I am responding to the COVID19 crisis by providing emergency stress relief and coping skills education. See below for information about my offerings and how you can help those in need.

We are in this together.

Find the support you need and sponsor support for others if you can.

For Healthcare Workers

Get the support you need to stay as resourced as possible while caring for others.

Sponsorship funds may be available to cover part or all of the cost.

Sponsor Support

You can support the brave individuals working hard on the frontlines to keep us all healthy and safe by making a donation that provides much needed stress relief services.

For Companies + Teams

Support your team with stress regulation education and lift others up in the process. All corporate offerings are currently “get one, give one” and benefit frontline healthcare workers.

For Individuals

Join my self-care support hub, WE RISE, to access resources for staying grounded and uplifted, even right in the middle of chaos.

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