The beauty of online workshops is you can absorb the information at any time and from anywhere in the world, giving you the flexibility and resources you need to operate at your best. The logistics are yours to manage. You can set time aside each day, each week, or simply when you have a moment to play the lesson and take what you need from the information.


Tap into the structure and support you need to keep your self-care game strong + consistent with monthly workshops

Life On Fire Monthly Membership

Join me for a holistic webinar workshop each month by becoming a Life on Fire Member!

Each month you receive:

  • A live online workshop focused on important elements of nervous system care + cultivating personal power
  • A 5-10 minute downloadable guided meditation
  • Instructions for self-care practices
  • Links to resources + recommended reading
  • A community space to ask questions and connect with other members

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Life On Fire January Workshop

The Science of Habits + How To Start Good Ones

Thursday, January 23: 6-7pm PST (via zoom)

Start the New Year off right by empowering yourself with the knowledge you need to program yourself with healthy habits — and make them stick.

In this 60 minute webinar workshop ! will go over info and tips regarding the neuroscience of habits in general and cover everything you need to start a meditation practice and/or strengthen + refresh the one you have. Plus, you’ll receive a guided meditation and curated list of meditation resources.

Gain access to this workshop + related resources by registering for my Life On Fire Membership

(there is no minimum commitment so simply cancel after the workshop completes if you do not wish to have access to future courses — easy peasy)


Fire-Up Your Superpowers With A Self-Paced Course

Fuel For Living Life On Fire

My signature self-care course, Fuel For Living Life On Fire, works like a nervous system makeover.

This course runs over 11 days, self-care-challenge style. Each day you will receive:

  • A short lesson on nervous system care and empowerment
  • A 5-10 minute guided breathwork, meditation or movement exercise
  • Instructions for a self-care mission of the day

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Time Travel For Beginners

Release past conditioning and become your future self NOW!

Workshop is recorded (from a live webinar on 12/15/19) and all downloadable material is yours to keep.

This workshop includes:

  • Guided meditations to fire up your clarity and harness your intentions
  • A lesson in scientific superpowers (nervous system care + personal empowerment)
  • Support with practicing time travel (visualization + aligned action)
  • A time travel journal template for home practice

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Meditation for Rookies and Busy People

This course is designed to be training wheels for starting a meditation practice — or — the boost you need to get re-inspired and back on track. You get:

  • One instructional video
  • 7 guided meditations
  • Links to tools and resources
  • Access to a private discussion group where you can get your questions answered and share your experiences

Sign up now to start receiving the benefits of meditation today.

(100% of profits go to the Rising Scholarship to provide support to individuals facing challenge who are in financial need)

A Note About Pricing

My rates are reasonable for what I offer and aligned with the impact you will experience. However, I want these materials to be available to those who simply cannot afford them. Please apply to become a recipient of the Rising Scholarship if you are dedicated to personal growth + healing and are in financial need.

If you have the means and wish to support a scholarship for someone who does not, you can do so by making a donation here.

What People Are Saying

I just had my second baby, making my plate fuller than ever. The online format of Melissa’s course has been a lifesaver- I can find small pockets of time to focus on myself, learn something new, and find peace and calm in the middle of a stressful day.
Melissa B.

Meditation for Rookies And Busy People is great! This course is perfect for when you fall out of your rhythm and routine (as I have because I just moved recently…). I can always find time for the short guided meditations.
Ben C.

Melissa’s meditation course was instrumental in getting me started on a regular meditation practice. She is very supportive and has so much knowledge, anecdotal and researched, to provide.
Pam G.

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