Empowered Healing Coaching With Melissa Forde

Gain Tools + Support For Your Healing Journey

Whether you are facing a life threatening illness or pesky chronic condition, this 8 week coaching program will help you activate your natural healing abilities and leave you feeling more informed, confident and empowered about caring for yourself in any situation.

Each session will provide in-depth emotional support, education and guidance in navigating a healing journey.

Healing refers to returning to a state of wholeness and is always possible, even when a cure is not.

Healing vs. Curing

Curing involves the resolution of illness, while healing refers to a return to wholeness.

If you are in a body, you are on a healing journey. Illnesses, injuries, pain and heartache are not detours — they are the very things that show us the way.

This program focuses on fostering an empowered state of wholeness rather than achieving specific physical outcomes.

Sometimes the only thing we have control over is how we show up and rise to meet the challenges life brings our way.

Empowered Healing Coaching is designed to help you feel better in your body and life no matter what you are facing.


This is a wonderful non-medical add-on to the care provided by your doctor and healthcare team.

Program Details

  • Four 75 minute sessions over 8 weeks
  • Unlimited communication via email in-between sessions
  • Downloadable personalized guided meditations
  • Written care plan + recommended homework
  • Links to vetted resources and practitioner referrals

With a relaxed approach based in science and intuition, we will work together to develop the following:

A self care routine that fits into your life. Stress physiology focuses energy on survival functions by diverting energy away from our natural healing abilities. Learning to care for your nervous system through activities like breathwork and meditation will help you master your energy state and claim a standard of thriving over surviving.

A healing mindset rooted in curiosity. Our thought patterns impact how we experience the circumstances of our life. Getting curious is a game-changer. Being willing to wonder what you are learning or how you are growing in any situation has the power to dramatically change your life. Cultivating a spirit of curiosity through personal inquiry will give you a sense a responsibility over your body and life and help you make sense of your experiences.

An attitude of gratitude. When we are facing painful challenges it can be easy to dwell on what is wrong. Actively practicing gratitude trains our focus to notice the things that are right, beautiful and supportive. This opens you to receive the blessings present in any situation and transforms your experience of your life even if circumstances do not change.

A network of support. We are meant to connect. We are meant to lean on one another. We are literally made to do this life thing together. Having people you trust and who understand what you are going through is crucial to your healing. We will identify the family, friends and professionals that will make up your healing support team and make sure your team is aware of the support you need and the values you choose to uphold on your journey.

My Story


As a Registered Nurse I have a strong background in science and a thorough understanding of the physical body. I am also intimately aware of the gap that exists between what people need when they are facing a serious or life-threatening illness and what our current healthcare system provides.

In my own experience with serious illness, conventional healthcare left me beyond dissatisfied. This led me to explore all kinds of alternative healing modalities and ignited a passion in me. I am obsessed with healing, in love with the nervous system and totally in awe of the divine design of our bodies (which are made not just to heal but to support us in thriving — in every area of our lives).

When I first began to study healing I was suffering from chronic debilitating pain. Through what I learned, I overhauled my lifestyle, took responsibility for my energy state and re-programmed my thoughts. The resolution of my symptoms was just the beginning of what I gained out of this experience. I was not merely restored to a previous level of functioning but lifted into an entirely different way of living.

I have been studying healing and sharing what I have learned with my students and clients ever since.

When my dearest friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 35 I had the honor of being a companion to her on her journey. The core elements of my Empowered Healing Coaching program come from what we learned together on that path. Chelsea was curious, open, devoted to healing and not attached to the form it would take — she saw cancer as a teacher and allowed it to transform her. As a result, she lived an extremely full and inspiring life.

We all have what we need to face any challenge with that kind of strength and grace right inside of us. For me, caring for my nervous system, cultivating curiosity and practicing gratitude works to turn the healing magic on every time. Every. Time.

Healing is my obsession. I have taken the trainings, gone to the workshops and read what feels like all the books. If you want to know what works — I got you 🙂


Are you ready to take healing into your own hands?

What To Expect

Shining a light in our dark corners and putting in the effort necessary to implement new routines is warrior work! You can expect to feel uncomfortable during parts of this process. The benefit of doing this work in a supportive setting is that you can also expect to feel encouraged and nurtured.

Our virtual sessions will include a combination of talking, instruction, guided meditation and visualization. After each session I will provide you with written notes and recommended homework (including downloads or links to the resources you will need).

In-between sessions I will be available by email to answer any questions you have and help you trouble-shoot any issues you are running into.

This Program is For You If:

  • You are currently on a journey with chronic illness, pain or a life-threatening condition and you desire more insight and support
  • You are willing to make changes to your lifestyle and routines
  • You are open to new and radical perspectives regarding your health and life
  • You know there is MORE to what is going on with you and you want help finding it

Send me a note in the contact form below to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if working together is a good fit for both of us.

What People Are Saying

“Melissa’s amazing intuitive ability and energetic awareness are immediately apparent in her sessions. As her client you can instantly feel the healing and clearing in her presence. She has helped me heal from trauma and supported me through new wonderful openings in my life.”
Olivia B.

“Melissa has been instrumental in bringing me back to my purpose. I am now striving to thrive in life. I cannot underestimate Melissa’s role in bringing me to a place where I truly feel like I’m on a transformative path.”
Sadie P.

“Melissa was instrumental in getting me started on a regular meditation practice. She is very supportive and has so much knowledge, anecdotal and researched, to provide.”
Pam G.

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