Hi! I’m Melissa.

I’m a Registered Nurse + Holistic Healing Practitioner who specializes in provider wellness.

In response to the COVID19 crisis, I have created specialized stress relief programming to support those working on the frontlines. Right now my top priority is helping you take care of yourself, so you can take care of the world.

See my available offerings below and share this information with people at your organization to get support for your team. Sponsorship funds may be available to cover part or all of the cost. 

COVID19 Stress Relief Webinars For Healthcare Teams:

Self-Care You Can Do In The Middle Of Chaos

Stress regulation techniques for any moment.

Learn simple tools for communicating safety to the nervous system and releasing tension, anxiety and fear. Includes guided grounding exercises and downloadable recordings.

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Support Your Body In Supporting You

Tools for activating inner resources.

Establish a sense of collaboration with the body and learn how to draw upon internal sources of power and strength. 


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Cultivating A Spirit Of Service

Strategies and perspectives for staying grounded + energized while caring for others.

Develop a sustainable self-care plan and choose guiding values. Learn how to track signs of imbalance and take actions to refuel, even through crisis. 
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You can get more information and schedule a workshop for your team by scheduling a call or filling out an inquiry form below.

If you’d like to sponsor support services for healthcare workers during COVID19, you can do so here.

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