I think a lot about how much is stacked against those of us who choose to live conscious lives devoted to healing, growth and goodness. We are programmed and conditioned with messages from every angle that suggest it is easier to stay asleep to our own power, more convenient to repeat toxic patterns from the past and that the answer to our pain is outside of us.

In a world that promotes survival as the standard for living and disempowerment as a form of control, living a healthy and inspired life is revolutionary — and it takes a tremendous amount of energy and determination.

This is why I created the The Life On Fire Membership — it’s a self-care support club for healers, givers, change-makers and the rebel-hearted.

This is a place where you can:
* Fuel up on empowering education, practical tools and motivating science
* Tap into the resources you need to restore your energy and keep your spirits high
* Connect with an uplifting community of purpose-driven, self-aware individuals
* Nurture you body and mind with supercharged self-care practices

I hope this resource helps you kick off the new decade feeling confident, full of power and surrounded by support.


Each month I will lead a holistic webinar workshop focused on important elements of nervous system care and cultivating personal power. You can pay each month (with no minimum commitment) — or save when purchasing a year subscription up front (see pricing options below).

Our first workshop, The Science Of Habits + How To Start Good Ones, will take place on Thursday, January 23 at 6pm (PST) and cover everything you need to start a meditation practice and/or strengthen + refresh the one you have.

Each workshop will come with a 5-10 min guided meditation, instructions for self-care practices and links to resources + recommended reading related to the workshop topic. You’ll be able to ask questions and connect with me and other members during the live online workshops and in our accountability group chat.

This membership exists to give you the structure and support you need to keep your self-care game strong so you can show up for your life full of power and ready to burn bright.

Melissa’s workshops have surpassed all my expectations. I deeply relate to loving where science and magic co-exist, so being able to learn new tools with a therapeutic, spiritual and scientific approach is so fun!

Brittany H

I love the way Melissa teaches and appreciate her playful and serious approach. I always end up giggling and seeing the world in a new way. Her online workshops hold me accountable to my self-care commitments which is super helpful for staying on track.

Hannah B


It took me many years to learn that taking good care of myself is the best work I can do for the world. When I discovered this lesson (the hard way — via a rockbottom episode of burnout, depression and heartbreak), I became eager to learn everything I could about healing and conscious personal development. I committed myself to tending to my energy state and mindset because this work completely transformed my body, life and the way I experience the world.

This is the work we’ll be doing together.

The Life On Fire Membership will support you in developing enriching self-care + personal awareness practices and help you grow and change in new and profound ways. The content is carefully crafted to enhance the lives of those who join, in a way that is accessible, straightforward and rooted in motivating science + practical magic.

My intention is that you learn new tools while also refreshing the self-care practices you already have.

My expectation is that through your participation in this process you will discover new ways of viewing your body and the world — and that this will positively impact every area of your life.

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!

Melissa’s workshops are empowering experiences. She is extremely knowledgeable about the nervous system and seamlessly works to tie in a science-based approach with actionable practices everyone can apply. I find myself coming back to her teachings often!

Nicole R


Our monthly workshops and downloadable resources are hosted on an easy-to-use online course platform called Ruzuku. Webinar workshops are conducted via Zoom and recorded, so you can review the material on your own at anytime, from anywhere in the world. You can also access and review all previous workshops, guided meditations and resources, all in one place, by logging into your Ruzuku account.

This format allows even the busiest person to access the resources and information they need to tap in, turn on, light up and burn bright.

I just had my second baby, making my plate fuller than ever. The online format of Melissa’s workshops has been a lifesaver. I can find small pockets of time to focus on myself, learn something new, and find peace and calm in the middle of a stressful day. Melissa’s trainings have equipped me with tools that I use not only for just myself but for my family and the patients I take care of as a nurse as well!

Melissa B


January 23 at 6pm (PST) – The Science of Habits + How To Start Good Ones

February 20 at 6pm (PST) – Cultivating Self-Love + Opening The Heart

March 19 at 6pm (PST) – Tapping Into The Healing Power Of Breath



Melissa has helped me with so much in such a short amount of time. I have learned so many skills during her workshops and in my private sessions with her. I have been able to integrate the tools she has taught me into my life on a daily basis and as a result my stress levels are manageable for the first time EVER.

Sarah L

Melissa is a secret treasure. I put the tools I learn in her workshops to good use on a daily basis! Even better, the shift I have experienced from doing private Energy Restoration sessions with her has been ENORMOUS. In the past I felt sluggish and couldn’t think straight or complete my work. After just one session I woke up feeling 100%. Now I am jamming and confident with how to re-energize myself on my own.

Heather L


Shoot me a message on insta @fordeonfire or drop your question in the contact form below.

I look forward to fanning your flames and helping you burn bright!

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