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An Interview on Grieving and Loss with Melissa Forde

By Kristin Posner

Loss is a doozy. Even though it is a universal and unavoidable part of the human journey, most of us feel completely isolated when it happens to us and not confident in supporting someone we love when it happens to them.

In this article by Kristin Posner, founder of Nourish Co, I share the things that have helped me find healing and connection through grief and loss — as well as the inspiration behind my product line, Altar Ego.

Ghosted by Someone? Here's How to Get Over It

By Lisa Holden

I’m honored to be featured as a self-care expert in this witty article by Lisa Holden. 

A sense of rejection is no joke for the nervous system. The body experiences rejection as dangerous whether you just got excommunicated from your tribe of that guy from Bumble didn’t text you back. Really simple actions like eating a nourishing meal, breathing deep into the belly, taking a bath or petting an animal can activate the healing and restorative branch of the nervous system, naturally boosting your energy and mood.

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