Restore Your Inner Rebel

Nervous System Skills For Revolutionary Living

Currently available in an on-demand format

(go at your own pace and get ready for the next live group course, Rebel Rules, which starts in January 2021)

So we can set the world on fire without burning out…

Are you feeling depressed and anxious and fired up to do more for the world yet so tired and also exhausted? Same.

In response to my frazzled heartache over the state of the world, I’ve created a 4 week course that will run like a support group for being human right now, because that’s what I need and maybe you do too?

Restore Your Inner Rebel will be low effort (1 hour/week) and high impact (nervous system literacy + actionable regulation skills) because, c’mon, who has time or energy for anything else? Not me.

For those ready to challenge the status quo from the inside out

Restore Your Inner Rebel is about building the individual skills necessary to sustain your part in the revolution our world needs right now.

We are living through a sustained global health crisis requiring us to adapt to unprecedented amounts of change, the level of social injustice in our systems is unconscionable, the political climate is terrifying and the environment is in grave danger. I mean… wooooooof.

The thing we can most count on right now is change and the best tools we have for adapting are right inside our bodies.

In this class we will reconnect with our innate body intelligence — so we can begin to build a healthier world where everyone belongs. 


Class Format

* Four 60-minute webinars 
* Recommended home practices 
* Optional group support chat on Instagram


 Go at your own pace! You’ll get access to all the recordings right when you sign up.

The time to start feeling better is now.


In this class you will:

* Gain a real world understanding of your nervous system (and learn why this is so important!)
* Build self-awareness and increase your capacity for resilience
* Practice simple techniques for stabilizing your internal resources and balancing emotions
* Transform anxiety into action
* Learn how to reduce and avoid unnecessary stress and deliberately settle your body under a wide range of circumstances

This class is for you if:

* You care deeply about people and the planet
* You find yourself feeling overwhelmed, shut-down, disheartened or very anxious about the state of the world (+ all of the above?🙋🏻‍♀️)
* You want to help yet feel maxed out just managing the changes in your own life
* A felt sense of internal safety sounds really nice right about now
* You could use some extra support and care on this wild life ride

Weekly Breakdown

Each week includes a live class with guided somatic practices

Week One: Reflect

Develop a reliable radar for interpreting the signals your body is sending you so you can respond to your instincts with intention and purpose

Week Two: Regulate

Learn simple practices for stabilizing your internal resources so you can navigate your emotional and energetic states with less judgement and more ease

Week Three: Release

Identify energy drains, discharge tension and shore up boundaries so you can focus your life-force on what is most essential

Week Four: Rest

Learn how to become the eye of your own storm and settle your body under a variety of circumstances so you can be a force for good, no matter what

Investment: Choose What You Pay

There are 3 payment options to increase access to this support and information.

Each option provides full access to the course. Please connect with your integrity and choose the price point that best aligns with your current circumstances, the resources you have access to and the level of privilege you possess.


This pays for you at a discounted rate



This pays for you at the full rate



This pays for you and supports another


May our resilience be just as unrelenting as the challenges we face.

You are not alone.

xo Melissa

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