The Rising Scholarship

neneneMy rates are reasonable for what I offer — especially considering all the hard work, experience, insight, resources and magic that are put into my courses, services and products. However, I want my offerings to be available to those who simply cannot afford them.

I understand that times of extreme challenge are often accompanied by financial stress which is why I created the Rising Scholarship.

The Rising Scholarship is in memory of my favorite Phoenix and beloved soul sister, Chelsea, and her brave journey with cancer.  Chelsea didn’t lose a battle with cancer — and it wasn’t a fight. She rose to meet the challenge of cancer with fierce strength and grace. She was curious, open, devoted to healing and not attached to the form it would take — she saw cancer as a teacher and allowed it to transform her.


One of the reasons Chelsea was able to have such an inspiring and meaningful journey and live her last days more fully ALIVE than anyone I have ever seen was because of the RESOURCES SHE HAD ACCESS TO.

In her fierce honor, this fund provides support (in the form of discounted or free courses and 1-on-1 services) to those dedicated to healing + transformation who are in financial need.

Become a Rising Scholarship Donor

If you have the means and wish to provide support for someone who does not, you can do so by contributing here.

I do not have non-profit status so, unfortunately, your donation is not tax deductible. However, 100% of your contribution will go towards providing uplifting services to people facing extreme challenge.


Become a Rising Scholarship Recipient

If you are facing hard things — it is my life’s work to support you.

If you are unable to afford a course or 1-on-1 service due to financial hardship and are dedicated to healing + transformation please fill out an application to be considered for a scholarship.

Full and partial scholarships will be awarded based on need and availability of funds.

“We are meant to connect.  We are meant to lean on one another. We are meant to do this life thing together.
Anyone in need, in struggle or in pain: breathe in the golden white radiant light of LOVE and SUPPORT and breathe out your suffering and pain. Do this breathing exercise until you feel a shift. We are one. These resources are for ALL.”

– Chelsea McLean Casey, Phoenix Rising

(1980 – 2017)

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