You Are Made of Magic

I just help you turn it on.


Hi! I’m Melissa. I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Healing Touch Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and all around healing-modality aficionado. 

I combine my backgrounds in science and spirit to empower people to learn how to heal.

Which path to inspired health and empowered living is right for you?


Superpower Sessions

When I listen to people sharing what’s going on with them I hear the energetic patterns that are contributing to dis-ease and receive insight about what is needed to shift them.

These 60 minute coaching sessions utilize a combination of discussion, guided meditation, visualization, intuitive somatic inquiry, breath work and energy healing.

You have superpowers — let’s turn them on.


One 60-Minute Virtual Session: $125

One 60-Minute In-Person Session: $150

5 Session Pack: Buy 4, get one FREE when you pay up front

(can decide after first session)

Energy Healing

These 60 minute sessions draw upon Reiki, meditation, visualization and the magic of intuition.

Receiving an energy healing treatment is an extremely relaxing experience that can reduce stress, depression, pain and anxiety — while promoting peace, clarity and inspiration.

The benefits that energy healing offers are the same benefits as removing the effects of stress from your body and life. AWESOME, right?

One 60-Minute Virtual Session: $125

One 60-Minute In-Person Session: $150

5 Session Pack: Buy 4, get one FREE when you pay up front

(Can decide after first session)

Healing Navigation

If you are in a season of healing or supporting someone who is, I can steer you in the right direction.

Whether you are facing a life threatening illness or pesky chronic condition, a Healing Navigation session will help activate your natural healing abilities and leave you feeling more informed, confident and empowered about caring for yourself (or your loved one) in any situation.

When you’re ready to get on a path towards healing, lets make you a map.

One 60-Minute Virtual Session: $125

Personalized Guided Meditation

In this session we will discuss what shifts and healing you desire in your body and life and create a personalized mantra for you to program your mindset.

After the session I will record a guided meditation just for you based on your intentions and goals — the audio file will be yours to keep. 

Your mind is full of power — lets make sure it has the right kind of fuel.


One 60-Minute Virtual Session: $150

(includes audio meditation file) 


All in-person sessions are held in my home in SF.

Remote sessions are conducted via phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

A Note About Pricing

My rates are reasonable for what I offer considering all the hard work, experience, insight, resources and magic that are put into these services + the impact you will experience. However, I want my offerings to be available to those who simply cannot afford them. Please apply to become a recipient of the Rising Scholarship if you are dedicated to personal growth and healing and are in financial need.

If you have the means and wish to support a scholarship for someone who does not, you can do so by making a donation here.

What People Are Saying

Melissa’s way of coaching and asking important questions broke open layers I did not know were there and needed to be healed. This, combined with her powerful energy work, allowed me to go deep into myself and move through and beyond past wounds. I left my time with her feeling lighter, and more in tune with my body and mind than I have ever been. One session with Melissa changed my life. I am forever grateful. 

Bridget C.

Superpower Coaching, Energy Healing

“Melissa’s amazing intuitive ability and energetic awareness are immediately apparent in her Reiki sessions, and as her client you can instantly feel the healing and clearing in her presence. She creates a beautiful space for her sessions so the process of release and shifting are supported in a peaceful, safe and sacred atmosphere. She has helped me heal from trauma and supported me through new wonderful openings in my life.”

Olivia B.

Energy Healing

“The custom, caring meditation Melissa recorded for me got me through the darkest of times. It centered me in my STRENGTH.”

Allison A.

Mantra + Meditation Magic

“Melissa offered many strategies and materials to explore and helped me feel empowered and renewed in my hope of healing. I appreciated her empathetic and sensitive communication style!”

Lindy A.

Healing Navigation



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