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Superpower Session



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Super Power Sessions

When I listen to people sharing what’s going on with them I hear the energetic patterns that are contributing to dis-ease and receive insight about what is needed to shift them.

These 60 minute sessions utilize a combination of discussion, guided meditation, visualization, intuitive somatic inquiry, breathwork and energy healing.

We work together to activate your natural superpowers to heal and thrive by acknowledging your blocks and leveraging your strengths. This may involve a realization that happens within the session and/or recommendations for practices to implement after our time together.

Each session is customized to where you are, what questions you have and what changes you are desiring in your body and life. Sessions can be focused on physical ailments, relationships, personal purpose or just a general sense of I-feel-like-a-hot-mess-what-should-I-do???

Ultimately, these are coaching sessions in which I draw upon both my scientific and spiritual backgrounds. I tend to like to combine evidence-based mind-body techniques with practical magic 🙂

Enery Healing

These 60 minute sessions draw upon Reiki, meditation, visualization and the magic of intuition. 

Receiving an energy healing treatment is an extremely relaxing experience that can reduce stress, depression, pain and anxiety — while promoting peace, clarity and inspiration. The benefits that energy healing offers are the same benefits as removing the effects of stress from your body and life. AWESOME, right?

When I offer energy healing to people I see images and hear messages about what is needed to facilitate healing and growth at that moment in time. I use this information along with my intuition to incorporate meditation and visualization techniques into my sessions to assist my clients with getting the most out of the experience.
Ultimately, I am just a channel and my main job is to hold a safe space for you to receive the energy, support and information you need.
It is best (for both of us!) to enter energy healing sessions with zero expectations and a sense of trust in the process. If specific messages are needed they will be revealed. While the session itself is usually very relaxing, the effects of receiving energy healing (which can be quite enduring) are often recognized after the session as the energetic shifts create changes in your body and life.

All sessions are held remotely via FaceTime or Zoom.


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