Hi! I’m Melissa. I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Healing Touch Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and all around healing-modality aficionado.

I combine my backgrounds in science and spirit to empower people to learn how to heal and thrive.

Are you ready to feel better in your body and life? Check out my online group coaching course below and let me know if you have any questions!


Thrive Zone is an 8 week online course all about upgrading your biological and psychological resilience.

Cool, right?

The next session of Thrive Zone starts on Monday June 3, 2019

Thrive Zone is a deep dive into next-level self-care designed to massively upgrade your biological and psychological resilience.


Your body is exquisitely designed and your mind is full of power. You are made not only to heal but to thrive in every area of your life. In this group coaching program you will learn how to leverage your physiology and mindset to live your best life. No matter what.


How This Class Works

 THRIVE ZONE is an online group coaching program that runs over 8 weeks and includes:

  • 4 downloadable audio and PDF lessons with instructions for home practices
  • 4 live group coaching calls with me
  • Links to tools and resources (including guided meditations)
  • Access to a community of support where you can get your questions answered and share your experiences

Lessons alternate with live coaching calls every other week to give you plenty of time to integrate the material and put it to use in your life. If you can’t make the scheduled live calls (every other Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time) you can submit questions ahead of time and listen to the recorded call whenever you have time.

All materials in this course, including the live calls, are downloadable and yours to keep. The beauty of an eCourse is you can absorb the information at any time and from anywhere, giving you the flexibility and resources you need to operate at your best. 

This course can be taken at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. However, I do suggest immersing yourself in it over 8 weeks to get the most out of the material.

Investment: $199

In financial need? No problem. Apply for a scholarship.

Course Outline

WEEK ONE: Orientation + Nervous System 101 (intro to mindfulness and meditation)

WEEK TWO: Home Practices + Group Coaching Call

WEEK THREE: Physiology Care (breath work, mindful eating, movement, posture)

WEEK FOUR: Home Practices + Group Coaching Call

WEEK FIVE: Mindset Care (curiosity, gratitude, affirmations, inquiry)

WEEK SIX: Home Practices + Group Coaching Call

WEEK SEVEN: Finding a Routine (integrating all course material and creating a sustainable practice moving forward)

WEEK EIGHT: Adjusting Personal Routines + Closing Group Coaching Call



Are you ready to feel better in your body and life?

THRIVE ZONE is about living your best life no matter what. 

Note that it is not about living your best life unless you are busy. Or unless you have a mystery diagnosis or major health concerns. Or unless you are caring for a seriously ill family member. Or unless you are in a bad relationship. Or unless you just lost someone you love. Or unless you hate your job. Or unless you could have more money.

You get the idea.

This class is about taping into the fullness of your potential and utilizing all of your brilliantly-built-in-resources to heal and thrive and learn and grow — right in the midst of whatever it is you are facing.

Most People Are Living In Survival Mode

Modern life has most people spending the MAJORITY of their waking time in fight-or-flight stress physiology. With the rise of technology our exposure to stimulation has increased exponentially. Meanwhile, our collective reverence for connecting with and responding to our bodies’ signals has pretty much been thrown out the window. This means most people are experiencing things like a full inbox, a new problem at work, an issue in a relationship or the task of coordinating a busy family’s schedule as an ACTUAL THREAT TO THEIR LIVES on a physiological and biochemical level — YIKES!

Surviving is awesome if your life is in danger, but it is NO STANDARD TO LIVE BY.

If you exist in a life where you have a safe place to live + plenty of food and clean water you are capable of doing WAY MORE than SURVIVING.

You are literally MADE TO THRIVE.

Here are some of the things we experience when we are in our NATURAL thriving state:

  • We heal faster
  • We get sick less frequently
  • We can easily see the big picture
  • We are able to observe ourselves
  • We are able to feel compassion, love and a sense of connection to a wider range of people
  • We have a positive outlook
  • We have a sense of curiosity about uncertainty (instead of fear)

Sign me up! Am I right?

Ultimately this is about our ability to adapt and be resilient in the face of life’s inevitable changes and surprises.

The goal of a healthy and inspired life is not to avoid anything hard — it is to prepare ourselves to be able to adapt with grace and respond to any challenge with the highest and best version of ourselves. 


 My Story

I am devoted to practices that nurture my nervous system because I want to experience the highest quality of life possible for myself and I am committed to a level of service in the world that is reflective of the resources I have access to.

If you have followed along with the things I share about on my blog or social media, you know I have had a hard couple of years. If you’ve concluded that I have also had a positive outlook or sense of strength through what have been some truly heart-wrenching and devastating personal losses — IT’S TRUE.

I did not just “get by” or “survive” the challenges I have faced in the last few years. I have made meaning out of my experiences, created beauty and transformed my sorrow into service.

THIS IS NOT BY CHANCE. I don’t just happen to be this way.

I train my body and craft my mindset for the purpose of resilience — AND IT WORKS.


I started studying mind-body healing techniques about 8 years ago out of desperate necessity…


Here is cute list of what I was up to in 2011:

I was going on 10+ years of daily pain and neurologic symptoms associated with debilitating migraine headaches
I had several inflammatory health conditions, one of which was gastrointestinal and highly inconvenient (to say the least)
I was experiencing severe burnout and compassion fatigue in my job as a nurse 
I was struggling with severe depression and anxiety
I felt lost, hopeless and completely disconnected from my body and the world
I spent whatever little energy I had making myself appear okay even though I was most certainly not
I believed I was a victim of my circumstances and had no sense of personal power


Here's another list of what happened when I committed myself to getting better:

✶I decided to take radical responsibility for my experience of my life
I had a serious spiritual realization about what was causing my migraines, I consciously re-wired my beliefs and within 3 months they were totally GONE
I experienced total relief from my inflammatory and auto-immune issues within 1 year
I felt the grace of forgiveness on a deep visceral level and was able to let my resentments go
I quit my soul-sucking job 
I developed a deep sense of purpose and connection
My naturally joyful spirit returned
I learned to access an enduring sense of empowerment within ANY circumstance


I experienced profound healing in my body and life as a result of learning empowering mind-body techniques and lifestyle interventions.

The biggest thing I gained was the knowledge that everything I needed was right inside me all along.

I have taken what I have learned along the way to create this course because I believe we all deserve to get the most out of what we are made of.

 If you are ready to receive a massive upgrade in your biological and psychological resilience and experience profound changes in your body and life as a result — I hope you will join me for Thrive Zone. 


The next session of THRIVE ZONE starts on Monday, June 3, 2019



What People Are Saying

I had been trying out various meditation practices for a couple of years, but nothing had really stuck for me. Thrive Zone helped me understand the neurology related to mindfulness and self care, which really helped to motivate me to develop a daily ritual/practice by the end of the course. 

Lindy A

I found Thrive Zone to be so beneficial! It helped me to reconnect with my wellness goals and to create a morning routine that I can stick with.

Brittany H

I can’t wait for all this material to come out in a BOOK! Melissa is hilarious. The lessons in Thrive Zone are full of inspiring and useful information — but it really is Melissa’s voice and storytelling that makes the material so much fun.

Hannah B

This course helped me to reset my intentions of self-care and to layout building blocks for creating a routine that works for me and that I can continue to maintain in times of stress or grief. It also opened my eyes to trying things that I might not otherwise have done – specifically a variety of meditations, movements and mantras.

Kacy G

I love the way Melissa talks about the concrete magic of science. I also love her voice — which is both playful and peaceful.

Phoebe G

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